Jane's Earth
Lora Brumett
(812) 350-8874

Shaun Brumett
(317) 664-6133

Jane’s Earth has various strategic borrow and fill site locations across central Indiana.  This allows us to minimize haul distances for import / export material, and results in lower costs for our clients.  We also work to establish new dump and borrow sites as project-specific needs arise.  Jane’s Earth will provide you a written 'per Load' quote according to your project location, and we’ll:

  • Save you money by tracking and maximizing each dump truck’s production level and reducing the overall length of the operation.
  • Manage all aspects of the trucking operation on-site and document load counts on a daily basis.
  • Offer our team of reliable trucking subcontractors.
  • Arrange for ‘dump fee only’ situations for Contractors who choose to furnish the trucking and dozing themselves.
  • Provide a material sample for on-site approval, prior to starting an import operation.
  • Provide a copy of Jane’s Earth site permits, if your client requests.
  • Help you to land new bids by submitting highly competitive import/export pricing.
  • Not accept hazardous materials, waste, or debris.

Let us take care of all facets of your import/export operations, allowing you to maximize your people and equipment.



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