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To achieve an engineer’s final grading design, many construction projects require imported fill to build up site elevations.  Conversely, other projects require that excess dirt be dug and hauled off-site.   If you’re a property owner near an import or export project, you may be a candidate for a borrow or fill site.  We will act as your representative and manage all aspects of the construction import / export process.  Jane’s Earth, looking out for your best interest during the project, will do the following:
  • Act as a liaison between you and the Contractors who desire the use of your property.
  • Utilize our resources to assess the local requirements and secure the proper permits for your borrow or fill site.  If required by the reviewing authorities, we will help you to commission surveys or professionally engineered drawings.
  • Maintain the required erosion control documentation throughout the course of the project.  We will also represent you during all IDEM or DNR erosion control inspections and will address corrective action measures.
  • Manage the construction operations on your property on a daily basis.
  • Provide written daily load counts of all material coming in or out of your land.
  • Oversee the Contractors accessing your site to preserve your property features, prevent construction sediment from leaving your property, ensure the proper site access is being utilized, and monitor Contractor safety on your property.
  • Monitor weather and moisture conditions and shut your site down when your property is too wet for hauling operations, with the intent to protect the integrity of your property.
  • Control the quality of imported material coming onto your site, rejecting any hazardous materials, waste, and debris.
  • See the project through until your land is left at the condition you agreed upon prior to the start.
  • Provide evidence of insurance coverage for our work on your property.
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